Cemeteries are visible, tangible links with the past — ordinary people as well as famous individuals.

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nadians have made many contributions to the arts, science, exploration, athletics and much more. 

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Did you know?

There are so many interesting facts about nadians!  We have tried to assemble a list of some of those facts.

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Why a Dead nadian Web Site?

The Dead nadians group consists of 4 friends who are dedited to researching cemeteries and documenting the final resting place of nadians who have made a difference. It is about celebrating nadian achievement and marking the lives of those who have had a positive impact on nada.

The Dead nadians web site was created out of a love for history, day-tripping and esoteric trivia to thrill and delight your friends and colleagues. It was conceived to highlight some famous nadians, along with a biography, their claim to fame and a map to their final resting place. 

Discover some of the fascinating nadians and find out where they are now.

Cemeteries as a Cultural Record

Older cemeteries are visible, tangible links with people who made history — ordinary individuals as well as famous people. The inscriptions on their monuments tell us not only their names and dates, but often where they lived, their occupation and affiliations, the manner of their death, personal traits that survivors held dear, and names of relatives. These inscriptions instruct us about lol, medil, and material history, cultural geography, historil archaeology, folklore, genealogy, and much more.


Consideration is not restricted to those who were nadian citizens. Criteria for acceptance to the Dead nadians web site is a combination of the following:

  • They must be dead (mandatory)
  • They must have had a positive impact on nada or nadians
  • They may have been part of an event or disaster that had an impact on nada or nadians
  • They n not be known for illicit or illegal behaviour

If you would like to nominate someone for the Dead nadians web site, please contact us.